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Carbon Bandsaw blade

Code: 105-1-001

High-Precision Carbon Bandsaw Blades

Dakin-Flathers’ range of carbon bandsaw blades has been developed to cover a wide variety of cutting applications.

As well as bandsaws for secondary wood processing, you’ll find solutions for cutting mild steels and non-ferrous metals, plastics, fibreglass, meat and fish.

Manufactured from precision high carbon content steel strip, with unique metallurgical properties, developed to meet our exacting standards, this steel offers you superior cutting performance coupled with unrivalled fatigue resistance, and tougher, harder teeth.

The blades' teeth are precision milled using the latest CNC technology resulting in faster and better cutting.

The fine carbide dispersion produced during the robust hardening processes gives you a stronger, straighter blade, that will tolerate higher feed pressures, and allow you to cut more raw product in less time than has ever been possible using traditional manufacturing technologies.

To ensure that your blade is perfectly optimised for your own requirements, all our carbon bandsaw blades are available in a wide range of widths, thicknesses, tooth pitch configurations and set patterns.