Perfect cutting after sharpening !!

 The sharpening store of UNICUT is fully equipped with the latest machinery, mostly German-made, which ensures accuracy and quality in the grinding of cutting tools. Thus, to the commercial department of the company is added the sharpening store which promises the proper repair and maintenance of the cutting tools you use.

 The investments which are made in this area of our concern have to do with machines which are specialized to sharpen cutting tools according to factory specifications. In particular, we have gained 16 Sharpening machines and each one of them covers a different field of sharpening.

 The tools we sharpen

  • Saw blades of all types.
  • HSS saw blades for metals.
  • Router Bits
  • Grooving cutters
  • Shaped carbide inserts
  • Band saw blades
  • Hole saws
  • Planer knives
  • Drills for multidowel machines
  • Cutting tools for CNC machines
  • Chains
  • Chipper knives
  • And many more types of cutting tools.

Our company undertakes the sharpening of cutting tools made of diamond

Apart from the grinding of cutting tools made of Widia, we also sharpen all cutters which are made of diamond.

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